Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2017

Before diving too deeply into the chamber vacuum sealer reviews, let’s take a moment to talk about what chamber vacuum sealers are. Just like it sounds chamber vacuum sealers feature a chamber.

The pouch of food is placed in the chamber, and the chamber has the air vacuumed out of it as a whole during the vacuum process. Contrarily, suction vacuum cleaners have the air vacuum directly out of the back.

What is the purpose of vacuuming air out of an entire chamber? By doing this, and keeping the pressure consistent, you can seal in liquids. When you suck air directly out of the bag, you run the risk of sucking out liquid as well.

This is eliminated by chambers sealing technology. If this entices you, read on to learn about the top rated models of chamber vacuum sealers.


TOP Rated Chamber Vacuum Sealer Reviews

  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$$
  • Size (HXW) 15.4 X 19.5 X 13.5 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Automatic
  • Seal Bar Length : 12.5 inches
  • Warranty : 2 years limited
  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$
  • Size (HXW) 20 X 14 X 15 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Automatic
  • Seal Bar Length : 10 inches
  • Warranty : 1 year limited
  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$$
  • Size (HXW) 24 X 19 X 19 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Automatic
  • Seal Bar Length : 10 inches
  • Warranty : 1 year limited
  • 4.0 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Size (HXW) 19.2 X 13 X 27.5 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Automatic
  • Seal Bar Length : 12 inches
  • Warranty : 1 year limited

Minipack MVS 31X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The MiniPack MVS 31X is the most expensive model of chamber vacuum sealer we reviewed.

However, this model is very large, and has an extremely high load capacity.

We would say that this model is for the most serious food sealer. If you can work this model into your budget, and your output is high, eventually it will pay for itself. If this is not your situation, it might be better to opt for a smaller or cheaper model unless money is not an issue.

However, if you do need something that’s large and capable, this one has a deep basin and a dome lid for maximum chamber space.

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VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The VacMaster VP215 is VacMaster’s premier chamber vacuum sealer.

This model is equipped with a 1/4 horsepower rotary oil pump. The rotary oil pump can manage larger loads and also has the ability to last for a good while when properly maintained.

The downside to this is that you do have to deal with maintenance on this machine. As with your car, for optimal and long lasting performance, the oil in this model has to be kept clean and fresh.

The VacMaster VP215 also puts a double seal on each bag, which is great for sous vide cooking. The VP215 is the model we would recommend for the serious food sealer or chef that also enjoys a great value.

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VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The VacMaster VP 210 is very similar to the VP215.

This model is different in the way that it has a dry, maintenance- free machine pump instead of the rotary oil pump featured on the VP215.

It does have similar performance, and also achieves a double seal. It also cost a bit less. For a lot of the same function as the VP215, without the need to do maintenance, opt for the back master VP210.

Though the VP215 motor is a bit stronger, some may find it more convenient to not have to do maintenance. That’s your main factor when deciding between these two sealers.

The VP210 also has the distinction of making our list of TOP food sealers. (You can check out our roundup the Best Selling Vacuum Sealers here)

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VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Out of all the chamber vacuum sealers reviewed here, the VacMaster VP112 is probably the best model for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money or use a lot of counter space for their machine.

This chamber food sealer is compact enough to use under a cabinet, unlike most other chamber sealers that have a flip top lid.  The VP112 has a hinged lid, designed specifically for this reason.

The downside to this model being so compact is that it does impede on the size of the chamber and this model.

If your goal is not to package huge things, but simply have a chamber sealer to package a few small items or sous vide meals, the VacMaster VP112 is a great match.

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External Sealing in a Chamber Vacuum Sealer


The Essential Guide to Buying a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Chamber vacuum sealers have the most cutting-edge technology available in vacuum sealing technology.

Chamber vacuum sealers have a chamber, just as the name would suggest. Unlike suction vacuum cleaners that suck air directly out of the bag, chamber sealers suck air out of the entire chamber, which in turn keeps the materials in the bag from being at risk of being sucked out.

This is especially true with liquids which, in a suction vacuum sealer, are at risk of being sucked out.chamber vacuum sealer reviews

When a liquid is sucked out of your bag, not only have you wasted the item you wanted to store, but you also run the risk of it sucking into your machine.

This can at best create a huge mess for you to have to clean up, sometimes and hard to reach nooks and crannies of the machine.

At worst it can actually suck into the motor of the vacuum suction sealer, ruining the machine. There’s some suction vacuum sealers now include a moist setting, but for sealing in liquids, the best option is definitely the chamber style vacuum sealer.

Chamber vacuum sealers will have a few other good uses as well and that makes them unique. For sous vide cooking, you can use a chamber sealer to package your food for cooking. Sous vide cooking literally means ‘under vacuum’. Sous vide is a modernist style of cooking that uses low temperatures over longer periods of time to cook vacuum sealed foods.

The benefit of sous vide cooking is that your food is never under or over cooked, and also has the maximum amount of flavor and nutrient value. When using the chamber sealer for sous vide, you can seal your meat or vegetables with their marinade, then simply drop the bag into your immersion bath for cooking.

Chamber sealers also give you the ability to create custards that are unmatched in texture and flavor.  Once you try a sous vide custard, you will be certain that the chamber vacuum sealer was worth the investment.

Chamber vacuum sealers are also good for vacuum compression. When putting certain fruits and vegetables into a vacuum chamber, air  and moisture within the plant tissues rapidly expand and break cells within the food.

When the vacuum is released the air filled spaces collapse which allows light to pass through. This creates pleasing, light and airy translucence to your foods. It also changes the texture, making it a bit more dense. This can change familiar foods into altogether different types of ingredients.

Compressed pineapple is especially attractive. Watermelons and other melons also take on a very deep rich color. It is often said that watermelons are especially nice when compressed, and that they have a texture that is quite surprising and pleasing. Watermelon may be one of the most commonly compressed foods.chamber vacuum sealer

Another thing that chamber vacuum sealers are especially good for is vacuum infusion. Vacuum infusion forces liquids into solids.

You can use this to marinate fruits, vegetables, or meat quickly, without the need to soak the foods in the marinade for hours or even overnight in the fridge. This is also a good technique for making other creative dishes, such as infusing strawberries with kiwi juice to make strawberry kiwi bites. You could even force dill- infused vinegar into fresh cucumbers, for a fresh crisp pickle flavor.

You can also use this to make alcoholic treats, without the need to soak your fruits. Some great combinations to try or apples and gin, bananas and rum, and watermelon and vodka.  Any of these combinations (or even any you can think of on your own) are sure to be a smash hit at your next get together.

Not only will the treats be delicious and fun, but will also look beautiful in an arrangement and have a poppable texture that makes them pleasing to the bite.

Besides all the things that a chamber solar can do that are specific to its chamber sealing technology, it can also perform a lot of the basic tasks that you would expect in vacuum sealer in general. You can, of course, seal in dry goods as well.  Just because the machine specializes in liquids, does not mean that you should have to limit yourself to liquids.

Chambers found in chamber sealers also tend to be deep enough to fit a pint jar in for vacuum sealing.  This is particularly good to know once you consider that the great majority of chamber sealers do not have accessory ports or accessories for sealing jars.  Because of the function of chamber technology, the vacuum does not transfer very well to use with accessories.  This has been noticed by the companies that produce chamber vacuum sealers, and some even took action to discontinue the attachment option on models that previously had them and mostly earned complaints.

Chamber vacuum sealers can also seal non- food items.  When sealing documents in a chamber sealer, there are some precautions to take.  Because chambers tend to be deep, if you simply lay your document in as- is, the document will sag a little into the depth of the chamber.  This can cause a crease in your document when vacuum and pressure are applied.

A solution to this problem is to lift up the document onto a flat surface.  Some chamber sealers include some plastic boards for this purpose, and some companies offer these as accessories, available for purchase separate from the machine if desired.  another option is to use any thick flat surface, whatever you have on hand really.

We’ve heard of people using cutting boards (which look remarkably the same as the risers offered by the chamber sealer producing companies), or even things such as a thick textbook to raise the document up some and create a flat surface for it to rest on.

Because of the depth of the chamber sealer, you can also get creative with sealing other non- food items.  You can fit a compact outfit into the chamber of most chamber sealers, or at least part of one.  Why would you seal up clothes?  There are many reasons to do so, including to prevent them from moth damage, to compact them for storage, or to carry along with you fishing, hunting, or camping.  Not only does this make the items of clothing take up less space, but they are also waterproof- great for kayaking!  Really the limits of a chamber sealer are only those of your imagination.

Click the link if you want to learn “how chamber style sealers work“.


Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags and Accessories

Chamber Vacuum Sealer BagsChamber vacuum sealers use bags that are referred to as pouches. Pouches come in a lot of the same sizes as bags, such as pint, quart, and gallon. Because of the function of chamber vacuum sealers to fill in liquids , chamber pouches are normally a bit thicker. This makes them more water tight, and also better suited to stand up against a solid, thick heated seal that is required to fill liquids in.

Manufacturers of chamber vacuum sealers 10 to market specifically to show that like to cook everyday style. This translates literally to under vacuum. In this style of cooking, the food is sold into a vacuum sealed package bra. Chamber vacuum sealers are better suited for this because you conceal through moisture, allowing you to keep your meat and produce to be fresh , raw, and juicy up to the point of cooking. This allows you food to be as fresh as possible.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer Bags and AccessoriesOnce you have your fresh food packaged with whatever flavoring you would like to impart on it, you then immersed in a water bath for cooking. The water bath is set at the temperature that you would like your food to reach when done. Because the food can get no hotter than the water it is in, it will never be over. By following guidelines and cooking according to CVD practices, it becomes safe to cook at these low temperatures, and you can even add cheese pasteurization.

There are many dishes that taste better cooked sushi day. One of the most commonly cooked items is steak. Because everyone likes their steak a certain temperature, and achieving that temperature is so hard otherwise, this kind of me translate the best in to see the day cooking. We’ve also found that custards are quite delicious when cooked Siri day. To cook a custard, you would have to have a chamber solar capable of ceiling and liquid.

cheese vacuumUnfortunately, chamber vacuum sealers do not tend to have a lot of accessories. Models that previously had a vacuum accessory attachment has often discontinued that feature. Chamber technology is great for the purpose that serves, but does not translate well into using accessories. If your intention is to use accessories, we hate to say it but at this point you’d have to choose whether you’d rather have the option to use accessories or the chamber ceiling technology. If you want to get really crazy, and up your food feeling game, buy a decently priced chamber seller and a vacuum sealer with attachments and use a combination to get all the jobs done like a beast.

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Chamber Vacuum Sealer Comparison Chart

PRODUCTPRICESIZE (HXW)Operation (Auto/Manual)Seal Bar Length
MINIPACK MVS 31X CHAMBER VACUUM SEALER$$$$15.4 X 19.5 X 13.5 inchesAutomatic12.5 inches
VACMASTER VP215 CHAMBER VACUUM SEALER$$$20 X 14 X 15 inchesAutomatic10 inches
VACMASTER VP210 CHAMBER VACUUM SEALER$$$24 X 19 X 19 inchesAutomatic10 inches
VACMASTER VP112 CHAMBER VACUUM SEALER$$19.2 X 13 X 27.5 inchesAutomatic12 inches

Bottom line

When looking over these, we’re sure that you have a found a few things to consider when looking for a chamber vacuum sealer to meet your needs.

One thing to consider is what size you would like. If you want something basic and small, the VacMaster VP112 is the way to go.

If you want to go to the other end of the scale and pick the largest one the MiniPack MVS 31X is the answer. This model is also the most expensive though.

There are two similar mid-range models in Vacuum Sealer Reviews here, the VacMaster VP215 with the 1/4 horsepower rotary oil pump or the VacMaster VP210 with the dry, maintenance- free pump. With all of these options, you are sure to find a chamber sealer for you.

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If you have any comments about our chamber vacuum sealer reviews or would like more information, please feel free to contact us.