3 Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2017

Commercial Vacuum Sealer ReviewsFor these commercial vacuum sealer reviews, we first had to consider what a commercial vacuum sealer is. These sealers tend to be more powerful than the average model, and also tend to be much quicker.

The downside to commercial vacuum sealers is that they are normally a bit larger and also a bit more expensive.

Commercial vacuum sealers are best suited to either professionals, or very experienced food sealers that want to have their operation run like a commercial one, and are ready for the investment.

This investment pays off in the long run, as these machines are built to last. For those who seal a lot of food at home, you may find that the commercial vacuum sealer is worth it as well.

Read on to find what you need to consider when making this decision.


Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews

  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Size (HXW) 15.3 X 23 X 9 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Both
  • Seal Bar Length : 15 inches
  • Warranty : 2 years limited
  • 3.8 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Size (HXW) 12.5 X 5.5 X 16 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Automatic
  • Seal Bar Length : 12 inches
  • Warranty : 2 years limited
  • 4.6 Customer Rating
  • PRICE $$
  • Size (HXW) 8 X 6.25 X 19 inches
  • Operation (Auto/Manual) : Automatic
  • Seal Bar Length : 11 inches
  • Warranty : 5 years limited

1 – Weston Pro- 2300 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

The Weston Pro-2300 vacuum sealer is found on our list of TOP food sealers. Weston Supply specializes in all food processing.

From grinders to food sealers, they wish to be a dependable brand to help you save time and money while enjoying real food.

Their Weston Pro-2300 has one of the largest seal bars in the industry at 15 inches in length. This means you can use bags that are 15 inches wide, much larger than you can find on regular models of food sealers.

The double piston pump provides maximum vacuum strength, and the fan- cooled motor doesn’t overheat. This food sealer also has a stainless steel look that fits nicely in a restaurant or other food industry settings.

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2 – VacMaster PRO260 Commercial Vacuum Sealer

The VacMaster Pro260 suction vacuum sealer is a easy to use, subtly designed suction vacuum sealer.

The roll dispensing system on this model will store two rolls (of a certain size) and has a 2 way built in cutter.

It also has a marinating function that uses vacuum compression to force liquid into solids. All you have to do is place the food you would like to marinate in the marinade and select the marinate function. Within minutes your food will be perfectly and infused, saving you from having to store it in the fridge overnight marinating it.

Though the VacMaster Pro260 is the most expensive commercial model reviewed, it is powerful enough to justify that price.

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3 – FoodSaver Premium 2 in 1 Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver Premium 2- in- 1 sealing system has a design that is modern and very sleek.

It has a modern look that would look nice on your countertop, or edgy and stylish in a restaurant setting.

It also has a built in retractable handheld sealer that seals zipper bags, canisters, containers, and other items.

It is the most budget-friendly of the commercial vacuum sealers, and also has automatic bag dispensing rewind and automatic bag cut and seal.

The FoodSaver premium 2- in- 1 is the commercial model we would recommend for the average home user that wants commercial performance. You may also want to check out Foodsaver Vacuum Sealers Page for best selling Foodsaver Models..

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Commercial Vacuum Sealers Buying Guide

commercial vacuum sealersCommercial vacuum sealers are bigger, stronger, and faster, which makes them especially suited for high volume vacuum sealing operations. The motors are usually bigger and more powerful which reduces vacuum time.  Because the engine is so much more powerful, it can simply vacuum out the air with more force which in turn takes less time. The heat seal bars and more durable, last much longer, and often require little or no time to cool down. A lot of different models also offer a fan-cooled motor to keep your motor from overheating. On non-commercial models, it is common to have to wait a certain amount of time between seals, and even to wait minutes (up to twenty on some models!) between every sixth to tenth seal. Rather than having to waste this time waiting (impatiently if you are anything like us), commercial sealers make every possible moment spent working at your food sealer productive. Commercial sealers are marketed to those who realize that time is money, and prefer to waste as little time as possible in all of their endeavors.

If you are a business owner, or otherwise in a commercial set up, this is definitely the type of vacuum sealer you want to choose. Whether you operate a small delicatessen than or have a farm and wish to a professionally package your meats and vegetables that you produced, the commercial vacuum sealer will help you optimize your time feeling in passing your product, so that you can focus more on producing it. Commercial vacuum sealers are also very easy to use, and a have features that are geared towards the commercial user. Even if you’re not in the food industry, you may find this useful. If you sell something such as electronics or other things that can be damaged by the elements, you may find vacuum sealing your products before shipping helps protect them from possible damage of the elements. Even computer repair people or other such businesses could you use this to ship or protect the customers items that they are repairing while in storage.You could also package things from home- made spice blends or baked goods to handmade jewelry for a professional touch to the presentation of your product.

commercial vacuum sealers for fisherCommercial fishers would also find commercial vacuum sealers useful in preserving and storing their catch.  Fish that is properly packaged is kept fresher longer.  by taking advantage of this, you can keep your fish as fresh as possible, which in turn can fetch a higher price for it.  Not only does this make our catch more valuable, but can also reduce waste in the seafood industry in general.  When seafood is wasted, there is more cost to pay than just upfront loss.  Though losses can be written off in some cases, the demand for seafood does not diminish.  When the demand stays the same, more fishing is then required, which can eventually lead to overfishing.  Overfishing not only can damage the environment, but can also reduce fishing opportunities for the average fisher.  for a fisher that is trying to support a family, job security is key, and if there are no fish, there is no job security.

However if you are not in a commercial setting, and wish to use a commercial style vacuum sealer in your home, it may be suited for you if you have rather large jobs that you would like to get done quickly. Although these models tend to be larger, there are a few that are more compact such as the VacMaster Pro260. We think that the commercial style vacuum sealers would be very useful for those that practice subsistence farming, or practice it at least to some degree. Alternatively, if you’re an A+ shopper and buy food in bulk when it goes on sale to package and store for later use, you may find yourself with enough food on your hands to warrant a commercial vacuum sealer. If you are experienced in packaging large amounts of produce or meats, you know that time is of the essence. After all the last thing you want is for the food to go bad before you have time to process. This makes all of your effort to produce your own food or buy at exactly the right time an utter and complete waste. Who wants thie? Commercial style vacuum sealers are designed to work quickly and efficiently for commercial operations, and therefore would allow you to package quickly and efficiently in your home as well.

Commercial vacuum sealers also save space. When you vacuum seal something, you reduce it to its smallest possible size by securing it in a tight-fitting bag. If you are in a commercial setting, this is useful as it saves you storage space with your stock items. This allows you to have a smaller model of fridge or freezer, and pack the same amount of freedom. Smaller units cost less, and also save money in the long run by taking less energy to run. If you are a business owner, you’ll appreciate how much the commercial style vacuum sealer can save you in the way of cost of food waste, time, and even energy costs, whether in electricity, labor, or even your own precious time. If you’re not a business owner and considering this model, you’ll be happy to hear that this applies to you as well. By packing in more food, you get rid of dead space in your freezer and fridge, which will also reduce energy costs in your home.

Overall, commercial vacuum sealers are superior models for many reasons.  Whether you are trying to save time, money, the environment, or some combination of all of the above, a commercial vacuum sealer can help you do so.  Who would have thought something so simple could save the environment?  You’ll also appreciate just how quick and easy these machines are to use, which can also save tons of frustration, especially if your machine craps out mid- job overheated.  With commercial sealers, such issues are simply a thing of the past.

do you know what are the advantages of vacuum sealing of food?


Bags and Accessories of Commercial Vacuum Sealers

When choosing bags for your commercial vacuum sealer, pay attention to the size of bags your model can accommodate. Out of the models reviewed here, the Weston pro 2300 has a seal bar length of 15 inches. The FoodSaver premium 2- in- 1 bag making vacuum sealing system has a seal bar length of 11 inches, and the VacMaster Pro260 suction vacuum sealer has a seal bar length of 12 inches. Armed with this information you can either a choose your vacuum sealer based on the size bags that you would like it to be able to hold, or figure out the features of the model that best fit your needs and buy bags that are compatible with that model.commercial vacuum sealer bags

Besides bags available in different dimensions, there are also the common pint quart and gallon size bags and even rolls of bag material you can custom cut to the size of that you’d like. When buying rolls you have to have the same considerations as you do when buying bags. First you have to make sure that your vacuum sealer has a seal bar that will seal the length of the roll. An additional factor to take in when buying rolls is the capacity of the storage area in your food sealer. Models that have this storage area feature can hold one or two rolls of a certain size and normally have a built- in bag cutter.

If a commercial model has an attachment port or a handheld vacuum sealer, it can be use with accessories that are compatible with that model. Some accessories available on the market are marinators, canisters, and containers.  With models that have a marinate function, this can be used to place the food in for marination. You can also store dry goods in the canisters, which not only protects them but can be quite attractive on the counter.

If you like the rustic look, you can also store your dry goods and mason jars. To seal mason jars, you the jar sealer accessory. The jar sealer accessory comes in either wide mouth or regular size. All you have to do is fill your jar with what you would like sealed and protected, attach the jar sealer to the top, and press the button to start the vacuum.

The accessories can be treated the same way as the bags when choosing the bags and the model. You can either choose your model by the accessories you plan to use, or choose the accessories based off the model either way it is great to be well informed of what you’re buying. For more specific information on which accessories are compatible with which model, see the full page or views for each model.

Commercial Vacuum Sealer Comparison Chart

WESTON PRO- 2300 COMMERCIAL VACUUM SEALER$$15.3 X 23 X 9 inchesAuto/Manual15 inches
FOODSAVER PREMIUM 2 IN 1 VACUUM SEALER$$8 X 6.25 X 19 inchesAutomatic11 inches
VACMASTER PRO260 COMMERCIAL VACUUM SEALER$$12.5 X 5.5 X 16 inchesAutomatic12 inches

Conclusion about Commercial Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Overall, commercial vacuum sealers are designed to be geared towards the professional or otherwise very serious food sealer.  Because commercial sealers tend to be more expensive and are truthfully quite an investment, it is best to do your research when considering buying one. After all paying a premium price for a model that isn’t premium according to your needs would be a shame.

We hope that by writing these commercial vacuum sealer reviews and compiling them all together, your quest to find the commercial vacuum sealer that would meet your needs is made easier.

You may also want to check out chamber vacuum sealers if you’re looking for a vacuum sealer especially for liquids.

If we’ve helped you, or if you have any questions we love to hear what you have to say. Please feel free to contact us.