FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 Vacuum Sealer Review

When beginning the FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 Vacuum Sealer review, our first reaction was the FoodSaver F-S-what?!

Though the name for this model isn’t the prettiest, the model itself is sleek and compact, and it sits nicely on a kitchen counter.

It also is listed on the list of best vacuum sealer reviews.


It is a great fit for most average chefs and food savers, with the advanced functions for the more advanced user.

It  has a conveniently placed handheld vacuum sealer that seals canisters, zipper bags, and containers.


WarrantySeal Bar LengthSizeOperation (Auto/Manual)
5 years limited11 inches11″ X 20″ X 12″Auto

You can also add attachments to this feature, allowing you even more options, such as marinating foods quickly and fully.

This food sealer also has a seal button, that allows you to reseal and save delicate objects such as chips or bags that contain delicate ingredients you don’t use often.

This keeps your snacks fresh (and not stale), and protects your dry goods from the harmful effects of oxygen deteriorating them.


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FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 Vacuum Sealer Review


Besides all of the bonus features this model includes,  the 4440-000 can also do what the FoodSaver Brand is most known for- it can vacuum seal your foods in specially designed bags to put away in the cupboard or the freezer.

Vacuum sealing can increase the shelf life of dried good significantly.

Also, when using the FoodSaver 4440-000 to vacuum pack food for freezing, not only does it lengthen the shelf life, but it can also prevent that pesky freezer burn (and the waste that comes with it).

No more putting things away to be frugal and prepared only to  later come to your food that should be good and find it covered in ice crystals, which ruins your food’s taste and  texture.

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Features of Foodsaver FSFSSL4440-000 Appliance Vacuum Sealer

  1. Retractable Handheld Sealer
    It fits nicely in your hand when you use it, then tucks away out of the way for storage.
  2. Automatic Bag Detection and Vacuum Sealing
    Simply insert the bag you wish to seal in the sealing area, and it senses that a bag is there and begins sealing immediately.
  3. All- in- One DesignWith the retractable handheld sealer also comes an added bonus of adding attachments to this machine to augment its already stellar performance and give you the option to seal jars, containers, canisters, and even zipper bags.  In addition, you can use the classic vacuum and seal bags.
  4. 11 Inch Sealing Capacity
    The FoodSaver 4440-000 can accommodate bags up to 11 inches in width, and is compatible with the 11 inch FoodSaver rolls and bags.
  5. Removable Tray
    The removable tray on this food sealer is very convenient and makes clean up a breeze.
  6. Wet/Dry Seal Options
    This model has a toggle switch to choose whether you are sealing a wet or dry item, helping you to create a perfect seal every time.



  • The FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 Vacuum Sealer is a very versatile food sealer, giving you many options of ways to seal and eliminating the need for a bunch of extra attachments to seal zipper bags, containers, or canisters.
  • This food sealer is very easy to clean.  Simply remove the tray, clean, and replace it then you are ready to go again.
  • This model has a wide seal that is very reliable.
  • The automatic bag detection and seal makes holding down a lid and hoping for a correct seal a thing of the past.



  • It is not designed to double seal.  If you like a double seal, it’s kind of tricky to achieve on this model.  You can either ‘trick’ the machine into doing a double seal, or find another model that is easier to use to achieve a double seal such as theZiploc V151 Vacuum Sealer.
  • It is expensive.  Compared to similar models, this one is definitely on the higher end of the price scale, but with the amount of money it is boasted to save, it does pay off in the end.


Bags and Accessories of FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver bags and rolls are both compatible with this food sealer.  This model can accommodate bags up to 11 inches in width, and can also store a roll of the same width.

To use the rolls, you simply roll out a bit of bag material and cut it with the included cutter to the size you desire.

You then seal one end to create the bottom of your bag, stuff it with your food you would like vacuum packed, then return it to the machine to be vacuumed and sealed.


Conclusion About Foodsaver FSFSSL4440-000 Appliance Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 is a great all around food sealer with a lot of useful features.

It’s included handheld vacuum attachment eliminates the need for additional attachments to seal canisters, containers, or even zipper bags.  The 4440 is also very easy to use.

Its automatic seal detection gives you a reliable seal in seconds, without having to worry about positioning the bag perfectly then holding down the lid.

Though it is a bit expensive, vacuum sealing foods saves you so much money in the long run. Find the TOP 3 tips for saving money on food here..

By vacuum sealing before storing, you can preserve your hard- earned food longer, and in the process also eliminate food waste

Overall, we think that the FSFSSL4440-000 is a good investment that will last for years, just like the food it preserves.


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If you have any questions or comments about FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000 Vacuum Sealer review, we would love to hear them!