FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer Review – Starter Kit

When you open your package, you will find an 11 inch by 10 foot roll, 3 quart- sized heat- seal bags, and 2 gallon- sized heat- seal bags.

This gives you the ability to open the box and begin packaging and sealing food almost immediately. All you have to do is pull out a roll and put it in the roll holder of the machine.

This model also has a handy roll cutter that is very convenient to help you size and cut your bags evenly for the best so. At this point you would just the vacuum speed before the job choosing from the two speeds at this model offers.

If you wish you can stop the sale vacuum at any time until the back with the crush free instant still feature.

This is a great feature to have if you are storing items that can be easily crushed, as you can stop the vacuum as soon as it looks like your items are in danger of being crushed.


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WarrantySeal Bar LengthSizeOperation (Auto/Manual)
5 year limited12”9.1” X 10.7” X 18.6”Manual


FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer Review


The FoodSaver brand is a well-known brand in the food selling industry.  Like most of their models the FoodSaver be 3240 is a good model for your everyday use. Because this one comes with the starter kit, it can obviously be recommended as a great starter model.

If you are just getting into food vacuuming and feeling and want to learn your way around the process, this model has all of the basic features. It is also a fairly inexpensive model for the brand, and can be found on the list of TOP food vacuum sealer reviews.


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Features of FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer

  1. Includes Starter Kit
    The starter kit includes an 11″ X 10′ roll, three quart- sized heat- seal bags, and two gallon- sized heat- seal bags.
  2. Manual Operation with Two Speeds
    You can adjust the vacuum speed for every day vacuum sealing, or even for sealing easily crushed items without destroying them.
  3. CrushFree Instant Seal
    This feature allows you to stop the vacuum and immediately seal when you feel the correct amount of
    vacuum has been applied.  For delicate items, this allows you to prevent crushing.
  4. Roll Holder and Cutter
    On models that don’t include this, the number one complaint is that it should have a cutter.  We think that speaks volumes for how convenient this feature really is.
  5. Removable Drip TrayLike many other FoodSaver models, this model has a removable drip tray that makes cleaning up a breeze.
  6. Accessory Port and Hose
    This hose gives you the ability to use this machine to seal a variety of FoodSaver containers and canisters.



  • This model has a dry or moist setting giving you the option to seal in moist food.
  • You can seal with this model without vacuuming.  This means you can reseal bags of chips or the like without removing the air and risking them being crushed.
  • The CrushFree instant seal allows you to stop the vacuum process and seal immediately for items that you would like a little air cushion for such as breads or other delicate items.
  • This model is very powerful.  It is even stated that it has enough power to crush an empty soda can.
  • The FoodSaver V3240 is very easy to use. All you have to do is inside the bag lower the handle and handles the rest of the job all on its own.
  • The removable drip tray makes for easy cleanup.  This is way more convenient than you could imagine.



  • When using the moist setting, it is not as simple as just selecting the setting.  It is also recommended that you place the paper towel in the bag to help achieve a proper seal.  After you do this, you will achieve the seal.
  • This unit looks a little awkward on the counter, almost like a printer. however for its price and for the functionality, it will do. For a better-looking model try the FoodSaver FSFSSL4440-000.
  • This model has suction cups on the bottom that may surprise you. They can be convenient, however, if they get on your nerves, you can easily cut them off.



Conclusion About FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealing system with starter kit as a great starter model.  It has a lot of features that you will find easy to use and very convenient.

The dry or moist setting lets you still in moist food unlike some models of vacuum sealers.  You can also seal without vacuuming with this model.

For delicate items you can stop the seal whenever you like with the CrushFree instant seal feature.

This model is also very easy to use, with you simply having to insert the bag and lower the handle. Overall this model is great to use and even easy to clean with the the removable drip tray. Click to read further.


If you own a FoodSaver V3240 and have anything to add to this review, please contact us. If you have questions about our FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer review, also please free to ask.

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