FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer Review

New -FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum SealerWhen researching for the FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer review, we found out that in the past, there were a lot of complaints about the 3800 series.

The V3880 is the response to the previous complaints, and it also includes a few additional features that make it far superior to its predecessors in the series.

This model is able to be operated totally hands- free, automatically sealing bags without even the touch of a button.  You’d be surprised at how much faster and efficient this machine is just by having that one little extra perk.

There are lots of options with the V3880.  It has a ‘normal’ and ‘gentle’ option to achieve optimal vacuum levels or even seal delicate items without crushing or destroying them.  It has a retractable accessory hose that can be used for marinate mode or accessory mode.

Marinate mode infuses food with a marinade of your choice in just minutes.  This saves you hours of time, and is a quick rescue for last minute meal prep.

The accessory mode has attachments that secure to the end of the retractable hose to seal containers and canisters, or even a classic jar.

The FoodSaver 3V880 even saves you money in bags!  By using the bag holder and cutter, you can custom cut bags to the size needed for the job.


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WarrantySeal Bar LengthSizeOperation (Auto/Manual)
5 year limited11 inches9.1″ X 21″ X 13.3″Auto


With other models, you may find yourself having to buy a million different bag sizes only to find that you use a few of them very rarely, if at all.

It’s not like you can examine the bags out of the box before purchase.  Rather than dealing with that frustration, you can create your own perfect sized bags every time, ensuring that no length of bag goes wasted.

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FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer Review


The FoodSaver® V3880 Vacuum Sealing System – The Master Chef Kit Includes special assortment of canisters, bags, roll and accessories.


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FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer - The Master Chef Kit Set


Features of Foodsaver V3880

  1. Fully Automatic Operation
    To use this model, you don’t even have to do as much as press a button. This model is one of the easiest FoodSaver models to use. (Click to see the best FoodSaver picks here)
  2. Two Vacuum Speeds
    This model has two options for vacuuming- normal for the average job, and gentle for items that can’t handle as much pressure.
  3. Marinate Mode
    The V3880 has a super cool marinating feature that cuts your marinating time down from hours to just minutes.
  4. Accessory ModeUse this feature with the optional container and canister accessories that are compatible with the FoodSaver V3880.
  5. Built- In Retractable Hose
    This hose is to be used to hook up any accessories that are used for either marinating or storage.
  6. Included Roll holder and Cutter
    This allows you to make custom sized bags to store items that just don’t seem to fit in the standard sized bags, or even to make ‘perfect fit’ bags for smaller items to reduce plastic waste.



  • New - FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer 2The FoodSaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer can seal in moist foods easily.  It has a ”moist food’ setting that assures the correct dependable seal even with liquid present.
  • This model also can seal jars, canisters, and containers using the attachment mode.
  • Marinate in minutes with the time saving marinate feature.
  • Save money and reduce food waste by saving foods for long term storage reliably with a dependable seal.
  • Vacuum pack delicate items without crushing or destroying them using the ‘gentle’ mode of vacuum.
  • Save your foods longer by vacuum sealing.  This may seem obvious, but until you’ve tried it, you don’t truly realize how much money you actually save.




  • It is expensive up front.  You really have to consider long term savings to consider buying this product, but it will pay for itself in savings.
  • There is excess material beside seal.  In order to achieve a proper seal, you must insert the bag four inches into the machine.  This leaves a pretty good edge, but even so, creating your own bags even with this seal does equal savings in the long run.
  • This model is suited for FoodSaver bags only.  Although you can seal chip bags and the like, you have to fidget with it a bit.  It will seal them with a little patience though, and the patience pays off when you open the bag weeks later to perfectly crisp chips.


Conclusion About Foodsaver V3880 Vacuum Sealer

The FoodSaver V3880 is a food sealer that has so many options, your food sealing horizons may expand exponentially.  please find the user manual here.

It can marinate foods in minutes, which means no more storing bulky marinating containers in the fridge overnight.

Who has space for that anyway?  Speaking of space, vacuum sealing your foods makes them easier to pack away, which in turn gives you more storage space in your fridge, freezer, or pantry.

You can even seal in delicate items without crushing them.  you can do all of this with full automatic operation.

It also has a retractable attachment hose that gives you even more options.  This food sealer is a great all around model for the average kitchen.

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If you own a FoodSaver V3880, or even if you simply have a question about this FoodSaver V3880 vacuum sealer review, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to hear your thoughts!