MiniPack MVS 31X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

For the MiniPack MVS 31X Chamber Vacuum Sealer review, we had to dig pretty deep. You’ll find upon research is there are not a lot of reviews available for this particular model.

We felt that for this reason it was even more important to make a little extra room on our site to review this model for you.

The MiniPack MVS 31X  is a chamber vacuum sealer. Chamber vacuum sealing technology is on the cutting edge of the vacuum sealing industry. So what can you do with your chamber vacuum sealer?

Chamber vacuum sealers can still in liquid. You can package sauces with the MiniPack MVS 31X. If you make a homemade barbecue sauce, or something similar, and do not use it all in one sitting, simply place it into a chamber pouch and vacuum seal it in with the MiniPack MVS 31X.

You can also seal marinades with this machine with the food you would like to marinate in with the marinade. As a bonus, vacuum sealing food in its marinade uses vacuum infusion to force the liquid into the solid faster.

Chamber sealers such as the MVS 31X are also great for sous vide cooking. Sous vide cooking is a modernist style of cooking that uses a vacuum sealer to seal in the foods to be cooked in a water immersion bath.

The water immersion bath is set at the temperature that you would like the foods to reach. This prevents overcooking as the food can literally not get any hotter than the water that it isn’t.

Really chamber vacuum sealers have a lot of features that make them perfectly suited for the serious chef or vacuum sealer.

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MiniPack MVS 31X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review


Features of MiniPack MVS 31X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Cycle Stop
Stop the vacuum cycle any point in time with the push of a button. This allows you to stop at just in the nick of time is a delicate item is at risk of being crushed.

Aluminum Heat Sealing Bar
Not only does the living room last a considerable amount of time, it also cools very quickly allow and your turn around time between feels to be virtually non-existent. This means you can sell more items quicker.

Digital Panel with 10 Storable Programs
Customized options for vacuum sealing and for the ceiling itself, and store up to 10 customizations in the considerable memory of this chamber vacuum sealer. Next time you’re feeling the same item simply select the number that you would find that setting.

Electric Volumetric Sensor with Auto- Calibration
This sounds very fancy to most people including us. We looked into what this means though, and simplified it just means that the mini pack in the S 31x gives dependable formats without you having to make tons of adjustments.

You can read all the technical details here..



  • The MiniPack MVS 31x is very heavy duty and dependable. For those that have been buying run- of- the- mill food sealers and having to buy a replacement every few years, the MiniPack MVS 31X is the way to end that frustration.
  • The basin of the MiniPack MVS 31X is seamless.. This means it is very easy to wipe clean. Any liquids that do happen to get into the chamber do not get stuck in crevices of seams.
  • The controls on this model are very easy to use an automated when compared to other similar models of chamber vacuum sealers.


  • This model is considerably expensive. It has a price tag that many may find completely unreasonable to be quite honest. However with the performance of this machine, and compared to buying a new cheaper model every few years, in the long run even out savings by purchasing the dirtier longer lasting model.
  • The mini pack in the US 31 X is very large. You’ll be very hard pressed to find a place to store this out of sight out of mind. It also be very hard to look at in and out of storage whenever you’d like to use it. For a model such as this, it is better to have a plan to keep it on the counter even when not in use, or place it on the cart that rolls easily in and out of the kitchen to roll it in there when you wish to use it and then roll to storage whenever not in use.


Conclusion About MiniPack MVS 31X Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The MiniPack MVS 31X is a large and in charge chamber vacuum sealer. You can guarantee that this model will last through the years. It is also easy to clean with the seamless basin.

It has completely customizable controls, and can even store up to 10 of those for later use. This does not make the controls harder to use or understand though, quite the contrary the controls on this model is very easy to use.

Overall we would say that the MiniPack MVS 31X is worth investment if you plan to get serious with your sous vide cooking or your food sealing operation.

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Warranty 2 year limited Design 5
Seal Bar Length 12.5 inches Cleaning 5
Size 15.4″ X 19.5″ X 13.5″ Easy to Use 5
Operation (Auto/Manual) Auto Overall 5