VacMaster PRO260 Vacuum Sealer Review

This VacMaster Pro260 Vacuum Sealer review began with us looking at the features. This model boats a double seal, which is very coveted in the vacuum sealing world. It also includes a roll dispenser system that can hold two rolls.

As a bonus you can also find that it has a built-in roll cutter. This saves you from having to break out the scissors and strive for a straight cut, (which we can assure you is quite difficult).

The dual piston vacuum pump on this model is very powerful and remove all air from the food package every time, and will not overheat thanks to the internal cooling fan.

There a lot of options for this model including the marinating option which reduces marinating time significantly by using vacuum technology to squeeze in the marinade into the food.

There’s also the pulse option for delicate items. With the post option you are fully in control with the amount of vacuum and can keep it from applying too much pressure to an item that you feel may be crushed.

Really, this model was designed for those who like a lot of options.


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VacMaster Pro260 Vacuum Sealer Review


The VacMaster Pro260 also has different seal options. You can go through the regular process for regular jobs.

You can also stop the vacuuming process at any time with the seal now button. When this button is pressed it stops the vacuum and then creates a seal immediately. This is helpful when sealing in delicate items as well, as if they become in danger of being crushed, you can immediately stop that from happening.

Another option is the extended seal time option. This option is helpful for thicker heavy duty bags. Sometimes it takes a few more seconds of heat application to properly seal these.

With extended seal time option, you can double seal these just dependably as you can the regular bags.

Being called a pro, it also must be stated that it uses commercial grade technology (You can check all commercial models here). Don’t let this scare you, as this does not always mean that it’s a big bulky machine.

As a matter of fact the VacMaster Pro260 is very compact for the technology that uses, and looks quite nice on the countertop.

This model is compatible with all of the table VacMaster accessories, and will provide years of use covered by the limited two-year warranty.



Double seal
A double seal is doubled insurance that your food is securely stored. This is also helpful in sous vide cooking, as your bag is immersed in water for that style. (pls find the sous vide cooking temperature guide here)
Roll dispenser system
The roll dispensing system can hold up to two rolls simultaneously. It also has a two-way built-in roll cutter.
Marinating option
This option allows you to infuse your food with flavors of your choice quickly. You can then double seal the food and use them in sous vide cooking, or not seal it and throw it directly on the grill, pan, or into the oven.
Dual-piston vacuum pump
This powerful pump ensures that all air is removed from your food package before sealing.
Pulse option
The pulse option allows you to use gentle amount of pressure for delicate items. If you want to seal something and not risk crushing it, the setting is great to use.
Seal Now button
The seal Now button stops the process of vacuuming immediately and creates a secure seal. This is helpful when you have something that is in danger of being crushed, as you can stop the vacuum immediately.
Extended seal time
This setting allows you to heavy duty bags, with just as a dependable seal.


  • The VacMaster Pro 260 helps keep your food fresher longer by sealing out air.
  • The VacMaster Pro260 uses commercial-grade technology, and translates it into a countertop-friendly home user approved vacuum sealer.
  • This VacMaster is compatible with all available VacMaster accessories.
  • The Pro260 will never overheat because of the ingeniously integrated internal cooling fan.



  • If you get food on the seal area, you may not always have a reliable seal. This can be easily remedied by either carefully placing the food into the back to avoid contact with fastening a sort of funnel to bypass the bag seal area completely.
  • Apparently with this model you have to press them on it to make it feel. This is not a big issue, however it is not stated in the instructions. We thought we’d give you that little heads up.



The VacMaster Pro260 is a great countertop model that packs in all of the technology you would expect from a big- time machine.

It has a powerful dual piston motor, a fan to keep it from overheating, and a wide array of options for sealing in all different types of items.

The Pro260 also provides a double seal, giving you extra assurance that your food is safely and securely sealed.  The roll dispenser and cutter just adds to the customization that this machine offers.

Overall, the VacMaster Pro260 is a compact commercial grade model that would fit well on any counter.  We hope you found this VacMaster Pro260 Vacuum Sealer review helpful!

If so, (and even if not), we would love to hear any questions or comments you may have.



Warranty 2 year limited Design 3
Seal Bar Length 12 inches Cleaning 4
Size 12.5″ X 5.5″ X 16″ Easy to Use 5
Operation (Auto/Manual) Auto Overall 4