VacMaster VP112 Review

When researching for this VacMaster VP112 review, we came across a lot of insights, features, and tips we would like to share with you.

The VacMaster VP112 is a fantastic entry- level Chamber vacuum sealer.

It is a good first choice for those ready to explore chamber vacuum sealers.  We love that this type of food sealer gives you the ability to seal wet foods or even liquids with its chamber seal technology.

The VacMaster VP112 also has a super- handy marinate feature.  The marinate feature vacuums and releases your marinating foods, essentially compressing the marinade into the food repeatedly.

The hinged lid is a great touch, adding to the overall low- profile design, making it a great countertop model.


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VacMaster VP112 Review



Heavy- Duty Chamber Lid
A sturdy lid makes all the difference in a chamber vacuum sealer.
Low- Profile Design
The low profile design allows this unit to fit under cabinets on the counter unlike most chamber vacuum sealers.
Marinating Cycle
This chamber vacuum sealer has a marinating cycle that cuts marinating time down to minutes from hours.
12 Inch Seal bar with 4mm Seal
For being such a compact model, the VacMaster VP112 has a larger than standard seal bar that both of 4 millimeter seal.
Dry Maintenance 2 Cylinder Piston Pump
The VP112 does not need regular oil changes or other pesky maintenance.
Includes Assorted Chamber Pouches and Manual
When you order this model you have some pouches to get you started right out of the box within minutes.



  • The VacMaster VP112 sits well on the counter.  It has a low profile and a lid that hinges back instead of up.  This allows you to store and operate this machine on the counter, even with cabinets overtop.
  • This machine is great for storing leftovers.  With its ability to seal in liquids as a chamber vacuum sealer, the VP112 is fantastic for storing leftovers.  When reheating, you can even throw the whole bag in warm water and reheat the sous vide way!
  • The VP112 has a  redesigned lid. There used to be a lot of complaints about the old lid developing hairline cracks and losing the ability to create a good vacuum and seal.  VacMaster listened to customers and redesigned the lid stronger to remedy this complaint.
  • Chamber vacuum sealers can seal in liquids. This idea brings a whole new dimension to your kitchen.  Imagine sealing up single portions of soup to freeze and thaw later for lunchboxes on a cool day.
  • The marinate feature saves time. Although you have the option to marinate from 9-99 minutes, normally two cycles (18 minutes) is enough to properly infuse flavor.  This allows for a quick marinade, freeing up both time, and fridge space by keeping you from having to marinate overnight



  • This model is a bit heavy. It’s a good thing that this unit sits well on the counter, because lugging it around can be a chore!  One great idea to combat this if you don’t have the counter space is to store it on a small rolling cart that can be easily rolled to storage when not in use, then rolled into the kitchen when it is time to process and vacuum.
  • The VP112 does not have an accessory port. There used to be a lot of complaints about the accessory port leaking on this model.  VacMaster’s solution? Discontinue the vacuum hose accessory outlet.  You can still vacuum seal jars by placing them into the chamber, but the jars have to be small (half- pint sized). (Learn tricks of jar sealing here..)  For larger jarring operations, consider getting a jarring system, or look at the selection of FoodSaver vacuum sealers that have a handheld accessory attachment.


Bags and Accessories

VacMaster offers a dizzying array of pouch sizes, and you are sure to find the ones right for you.  Included with the VP112 itself is a variety pack that will allow you to sample the different sizes to find your fit (or fits for different items).

We recommend that you try out these pouches before ordering more, so you will have a clear picture of what the size translates into in your kitchen.

VacMaster pouches are stated to be safe for boiling, freezing, and microwaving.

There are a few useful accessories for the VacMaster 112.  The bone-guard sheets to help keep bones from puncturing your pouches when marinating or vacuum sealing bone- in meats.

You can also order a replacement seal bar or seal tape for fairly cheap.  These wear out on virtually any food sealer and need replacing with time.

The VP112 has a filler plate set to lift up bags and fill empty space to improve the seal on your pouch.  You can also reorder and replace the pouch clip if it ever wears or breaks.

The chamber and lid are replaceable as well, though with the redesigned lid, this is done much less often that what used to be necessary on this model.


Bottom Line

It isn’t as expensive or large as other options out there, but it has much of the same functions as larger, more expensive models.

It also has a specially designed hinge lid.  That paired with the smaller size, make this model very countertop friendly.  This is especially convenient, because the weight of this thing really doesn’t lend to it being put away simply.

This unit is great for sealing liquids, and the marinating feature is quick and convenient.  Although it can only seal half- pint jars, for normal use, this is a great tool to add to your kitchen routine.

Overall, we would definitely recommend this product to beginner food sealers.  We hope you find our VacMaster VP112 review to be uber helpful.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!


Warranty 1 year limited Design
Seal Bar Length 12 inches Cleaning
Size 19.2 X 13 X 27.5 inches Easy to Use
Operation (Auto/Manual) automatic Overall