VacMaster VP210 Vacuum Sealer Review

This VacMaster VP210 Review is a summary of our findings on the VacMaster VP210.

This food sealer is a chamber food sealer, which means that it has the ability to vacuum seal in moist foods, or even liquids such as crème brulee if you’d like to try your hand at cooking this dish sous vide. (It is fantastic.)

The VP210 also has a customizable vacuum allowing you to adjust the amount of vacuum for more delicate foods.  This can keep you from ‘crushing’ fish.  In addition to the vacuum, the seal is also customizable, which means you can adjust it to seal thicker or thinner bags, or turn off the seal feature altogether for instances such as canning small jars inside.

You could even use this model to mock the Weston Pro- 2300 in its marinating feature, by vacuuming without sealing, then releasing repeatedly.  All of these features combined land the VP210 on the list of TOP vacuum sealers.


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WarrantySeal Bar LengthSize (HXW)Operation (Auto/Manual)
1 year limited10 inches24 X 19 X 19 inchesAutomatic


VacMaster VP210 Review


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Features of VacMaster VP210 Vacuum Sealer

  1. Maintenance- Free Dry Pump
    This model will run great for years without you having to perform regular oil changes.
  2. Double Seal on Each Bag
    A double seal ensures that your food is sold optimally. This is especially great for sous vide cooking.
  3. Customizable Vacuum and Seal Options
    Choose the right setting for virtually any job.
  4. Can Package Liquids
    As with all chamber vacuum sealers, you can package liquids with this model.



  • Chamber sealers have the ability to seal at a higher level of vacuum than suction vacuum sealers.  We could use a lot of fancy schmancy scientific terms to describe why, but simply stated, the chamber technology is superior to the suction technology.
  • Unlike the similar VP215, the VP210 does not require any regular maintenance such as oil changes.  This eliminates the need to track hours used, mark calendars, and fidget with tools and oil just to use a kitchen appliance.
  • This food sealer is ideal for use in sealing a variety of items, even very delicate ones by adjusting the vacuum setting.  The seal can also be adjusted to seal different thicknesses of bags.



  • The customizable vacuum and seal methods give you a wide variety of options, but with these options also come a wide variety of choices.  It can be tedious to try to figure out what option is best for which situation by trial and error.  You may find yourself ripping off seals, making adjustments, and trying again quite often, but once you get the hang of it, you’re good.  Customer service is happy to help guide you in this process, and the manual has tips for making adjustments as well.
  • The VacMaster VP210 is a big machine.  It can be unsightly on counters, and is entirely to heavy to move around regularly.  If you’re considering this machine, also consider a cheap cart to place it on or even plan a place on an island or counter without overhead cabinets.  For a smaller model, you could even consider the VacMaster VP112.


Bags and Accessories of VacMaster VP210

The VacMaster VP210 comes with a decent assortment of chamber pouches in a variety of sizes for you to try out.  This allows you to be up and running, sealing food within minutes.  This also allows you to test out a few of the different chamber pouch sizes offered by VacMaster for this food sealer.

We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity to use these chamber pouches, getting to know your new food sealer and finding what size you may want before ordering more.

Once you are ready to order bags, you can check out VacMaster’s wide range of sizes available for their chamber vacuum sealers.

The VacMaster 215 can handle up to 10 X 13 inch bags, and VacMaster offers many many more options in between.

The custom seal option on the VP210 gives you the option to venture out in your options, by giving you the ability to adjust sealing time for different materials.

For thicker materials, simply use a little more time, and for thinner materials less.  As already mentioned, there are tips for adjusting the settings to be found in the owner’s manual.

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Conclusion about VacMaster VP210

The VacMaster VP210 is a great low maintenance chamber sealer. It has all of the features you would expect from a chamber sealer, including the ability to seal liquids .

The maintenance free dry pump keeps you from having to deal with pesky oil changes just to use your chamber vacuum sealer.

The double seal on each bag gives you extra assurance that your bag will sealed.

Even when stored over long periods of time or  immersed in water. The customizable vacuum seal options help you choose the right setting for a job whether you’re selling delicate items or just doing a regular seal job.

Overall the VacMaster VP210 comes highly recommended. If you have any questions or comments about this VacMaster VP210 review please contact us and we would be happy to hear from you.