VacMaster VP215 Vacuum Sealer Review

Before going any further in this VacMaster VP215 vacuum sealer review, it should first be noted that this is the best selling commercial chamber vacuum sealer available.

This says an awful lot about this product right off the bat.  Like any other chamber sealers, this food sealer has the ability to seal moist foods or even liquids with its chamber technology.

Because of the design, the vacuum will not draw out liquids, but will seal them in instead.

With a heavy duty ¼ HP rotary oil pump, this thing is a beast that will stand up to years of heavy use. It will run continuously without a cool down period necessary between bags.

This can save you tons of time versus wasting time waiting on a machine to cool down enough to do its job.

Because this sealer is commercial grade, if you own a small restaurant or delicatessen, this is the machine for you.  Not a pro?

Anyone who seals mass amounts of food will benefit, including home gardeners that put away vegetables for winter eating, hunters or fishers who process their own meats, or even those who buy in bulk on sale and save it for later use.


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VacMaster VP215 Review




¼ HP Rotary Oil Pump
This fancy terms essentially mean that this thing has a nice little motor in it.
Double Seal Wire
A double seal is twice as dependable, especially sous vide cooking.
Chamber Seal Technology
Chamber seal technology allows you to still in even liquid, including marinating meat.
Best Selling Commercial Chamber Sealer
When something is a best seller, there is usually a reason for it.
10 inch Removable Seal Bar
This allows you to store bags up to 10 inches in width.

  • This thing is a heavy duty model. If you’re looking for something that can handle big jobs and will also last for years, this is the food sealer for you.  This machine will run for hours on end without skipping a beat, allowing you to process large amounts of food with no wasted time.
  • The VP 215 and surprisingly quiet. The oil- filled pump on the VacMaster VP 215 allows it to operate at a much quieter level than other models that have a dry pump.
  • Double seal means a reliable seal. The percentage of ‘failed bags’ is a serious factor when considering a food sealer.  After all, the point of a sealer is to save food longer, not to have you find it later unsealed and ruined.  The VacMaster VP215 has a reliable seal, and it is very unlikely that you will have even one ‘failed bag’. (It is still recommended that you check your seals regularly, though- just in case.)
  • There is no wait between seals. No, this is not too good to be true.  Yes, it really will not overheat.  If you’ve used food sealers in the past, you are probably familiar with ‘cool down’ times, and the frustrating event of having your food sealer overheat, and refuse to work in the middle of a big job.  With the VacMaster VP215, these situations are a thing of the past, and instead you have smooth sailing even with the biggest of food sealing operations.


  • This thing is heavy. The number one complaint about the VacMaster VP215 is that it is very heavy and hard to maneuver.  Some people find it convenient to keep it on a rolling cart, or finding a good spot on the counter it can just sit.  However, with its performance, the weight is almost unavoidable, and you’ll be a hard- pressed to find a model this durable that weighs significantly less.
  • Because of the heavy duty oil- filled pump, you have to maintain the oil by changing it every 60 hours or six months.  This is not too big of a deal for the performance, and it is actually pretty easy.  They even send you a wrench and screwdriver!  If you wish to forgo the oil change altogether, opt for the similar VacMaster VP210 that has a dry pump motor.

Bags and Accessories

The VacMaster VP215 can accept chamber  pouches up to 10″ X 13″.  VacMaster offers an extremely wide variety of chamber pouch sizes, each one suitable for a different food or job.

Included with your VacMaster VP215 are 75 assorted chamber pouches for you to try out the different sizes they offer.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this variety pack, and do not order pouches when you order the VacMaster VP215.

Instead, wait until you get the food sealer with the assorted pouches so you can try each size and decide which ones you find most useful for the items you will be sealing in most regularly.


Bottom Line

Overall, the VacMaster VP215 is a reliable and heavy duty machine.   This isn’t just our opinion either, as it is the best selling commercial style chamber sealer on the market.  you can download the VP215 user manual here.

Obviously, a lot of consumers would agree.  With its oil filled pump that performs without a hitch and is long lasting, you can count on this baby for years to come.

Although you have to change the oil regularly, that’s a fair exchange to be made for a certifiable workhorse.  The double seal wire also boasts a stronger seal than most other food sealers.

If you’ve already read through this entire VacMaster VP215 review, we think it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway:

We highly recommend this food sealer.  We’d love to know if you agree.  Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions about our VacMaster VP215 Vacuum Sealer review.


Warranty 1 year limited Design
Seal Bar Length 10 inches Cleaning
Size (HXW) 20 X 14 X 15 inches Easy to Use
Operation (Aunto/Manual) automatic Overall