Weston PRO 2300 Vacuum Sealer Review

When starting this one of the Best Seller Vacuum Sealers Weston Pro- 2300 review, we first had to look into whether this food sealer is professional grade.

One of the first things we noticed was that it had a full 15″ long seal bar.  This allows you to stuff bags that are much larger than most industry standard seal bars will allow.

This, along with the fan- cooled motor that allows you to operate this machine for hours on end without overheating definitely qualifies this machine as professional grade. In addition, you can check Commercial Vacuum Sealers page to get further information.

This food sealer is also claimed to be able to seal through moisture.  A helpful hint we came across while researching this food sealer was to partially freeze berries or other wet foods before sealing to aid in achieving this seal.

This is the perfect solution for saving berries for the smoothie we mentioned earlier.

With any food sealer, it is recommended to follow instructions provided with the food sealer for optimal performance.


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WarrantySeal Bar LengthSizeOperation (Auto/Manual)
1- year limited15 inches15.3 X 23 X 9 inchesboth


A tip more specific to this food sealer is that it is cheaper to buy the pre cut and size bags than it is to buy the rolls.

The benefit of the rolls is that you can size and cut the bag yourself, but some may find it easier to just use the pre shaped bags, which are available in a variety of sizes.

The manual or automatic operation options are a great bonus when filling different materials in your food sealer.

You can use the right setting for the right job in any case. This means you can use manual operation for soft amounts of pressure items such as delicate fruits and vegetables or even photos or documents.


Weston Pro 2300 Review


Features of Weston Pro- 2300 Vacuum Sealer

  1. Extra Large Teflon Seal Bar
    This seal bar is one of the largest in the industry.
  2. 15 Inch Wide Bag sealing Capacity
    Finding a seller and that has a 15 inch capacity is quite rare.
  3. 5mm Seal on Bags
    A full 5-millimeter seal is a bit above par when compared the industry standard.
  4. Transparent Acrylic Lid
    See what you are sealing.
  5. Double Piston Pump Seal Bar
    This pump delivers a great deal of vacuum strength.
  6. Manual Seal Option
    You are in control of the seals on this model.
  7. Fan Cooled Motor
    The fan-cooled motor keeps itself from overheating.



  • This food sealer is remarkably quiet for its size and operation. A number of consumers reported that they had to use other models in the past and this one was by far the most quiet.
  • The Weston Pro 2300 is solid and heavy.
  • The 15 inch long bar can accommodate bags up to 15 inches in width.  This allows you to freeze large amounts of food at a time.  If it’s harvesting time, you’ve got some big game meat that needs to be stored quickly, or you caught an awesome sale on berries and want to store them for smoothies later, you can stuff large amounts into 15 inch wide bags.
  • Manual operation allows you to control the amount of vacuum pressure for selling soft foods, or other delicate objects that need protection such as photos or documents.  Automatic operation allows for one-touch sealing of your bags.
  • The overall width of the seal on this model is impressive. It boasts a five-millimeter seal which is much larger than comparable models.
  • With its fan- cooled motor, this food sealer does not overheat when used repeatedly for multiple seals.  This means you will not find yourself mid job having to pause to wait for the machine to cool down. Instead, simply allow the machine 20 seconds rest between seals. (Most report it takes about this long to get a bag off of the machine and then ready for the next one anyway.)




  • This model has no bag cutter.   This may seem like a small complaint you some, but some users report this is actually a large inconvenience when compared to other brands that include a bag cutter.  The Weston Pro- 1100 does have a cutter, but is not as wide at 11 inches.
  • This model is not very reliable with liquids. If you plan to seal a lot of most foods,  consider a Chamber Vacuum Sealer.


Bags and Accessories of Weston Pro- 2300 Vacuum Sealer

Bags for this model come in a variety of sizes, including pint, quart, and gallon. There is also an option for a larger size bag that measures 15 by 18 inches. Weston offers zipper seal vacuum bags in the point, quart, or gallon size.

Weston also offers rolls of bag material for this model.  These provide the option of various sized bags.

The rolls come in width sizes of 8, 11, and 15 inches in 50 foot rolls.

There are also a variety pack of bags available and three- count options for 8in by 22 foot and 11 inch by 18 foot sizes rolls.


Conclusion about Weston Pro- 2300

Overall, the Weston Pro- 2300 is well built, and definitely of professional grade. It also boasts a very wide sealing capacity.

On the other hand when storing large amounts of meat such as in a meat sale scenario or harvesting your own game, this model allows for rapid operation with the automatic button.

It also boasts a rapid turnaround time, requiring only 20 seconds of rest between seals, making it optimal for mass vacuum sealing situations.  If you’re looking for something for big vacuum sealing jobs, consider the Weston Pro- 2300.

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If you own a Weston Pro 2300, or are in the market for one, we would love to hear from you!  Please contact us with any questions or comments about our Weston Pro 2300 review.