Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer Review

For the start of this Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer review, we first took a look at the Ziploc brand. Although it’s no FoodSaver, this is brand specializes in food storage as well.

We would say that it is worth it to give them a try, especially at a price like this, and even feature the V151 on our list of best rated food sealers.

This model has a powerful motor, claimed to be able crush cans. It also has a pulse button for more delicate operations. After all not everything requires compression (think: baked goods), although it does save space.


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WarrantySeal Bar LengthSizeOperation (Auto/Manual)
1 year limited12”9.8″ X 17.5″ X 17.5″Auto


Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer Review


The Ziploc V115 is also easy to use with one-touch vacuum and instant seal buttons. This makes using the models as easy as one push of a button, and also saves you time.

In addition to being easy to use it also has an easy clean vacuum chamber. This will make your life a lot easier.

This model also is very  versatile. The canister port allows you to use accessories with this vacuum sealing system. This allows you to still in canisters , containers, and other such things.

For the average user that likes a lot of options, this is a great budget-friendly model. I can recommend this to any beginner or even the advanced user because of all of the features it includes.

The last thing that has to be mentioned about the Ziploc V151 is that it is very compact. It is one of the most compact vacuum sealers on the market. In fact, for those that include an accessory port, it may be the smallest. If you choose the store this model on the counter, it will not take up a lot of space.

However, if you prefer it out of sight, it is also very easy to tuck away into a cabinet. If you’re not ready to make the commitment of valuable counter space to a big clunky machine, the Ziploc V151 is the vacuum sealing system for you.


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Features of Ziploc V151

  1. Powerful Motor
    This motor has the ability to crush cans like a frat boy’s forehead.  It has a vacuum of up t0 -27” Hg bar, which will leave your food wrapped snugly in a nice plastic cocoon.
  2. One Touch Vacuum and Instant Seal Buttons
    This provides you with ease of use, and the convenience of keeping one hand free.  This also puts you completely in control of when the machine creates a seal.
  3. Pulse button
    This allows you to still in delicate things such as baked goods without crushing them and ruining their appearance. After all after going to the trouble of baking that beautiful loaf of bread, the last thing you want to do is crush it like the soda can mentioned earlier.
  4. Easy clean vacuum chamber
    This was definitely designed with the user in mind. Everyone like something that’s easy to clean.
  5. Ziploc quality
    Virtually everyone is already familiar with the Ziploc brand, and the quality of the bags that you probably already use everyday. Why not trust them to take it a step further and use their vacuum sealing system?
  6. Canister port
    This allows you to use a wide range of accessories with your vacuum sealing system.



  • The Ziploc blank is very reliable but the very powerful motor that vacuums your package tightly every time.
  • This machine is versatile. You can use the one touch vacuum for normal jobs, the post button for delicate items, or the accessory port with accessories.
  • This fruit seller is also very easy to use. It has one-touch vacuum and instant Sound Buttons they respond to your touch immediately.
  • Ziploc is very reliable. Because they are so well known, they also have excellent customer service. They have been in the food storage industry for many, many years.



  • This thing is loud. That’s the trade off for a powerful engine though, and you actually get used to it after a while. Nothing beats the hum of a food sealer assuring you your food will last.
  • Some say that it’s like just can’t stack up against the FoodSaver brand. However with the price on the Ziploc V115, you may find yourself more inclined to give it a try.


Conclusion About Ziploc V151

The Ziploc V151 has all of the basic features you need to get started with your vacuum sealing. It is easy to operate, and also easy to clean. It has a powerful motor, and settings for the most basic of jobs, plus a few advanced ones. On top of that the Ziploc V151 is also compact in size and budget.

If you are just getting into the food sealing habit and don’t want to make a huge investment or have a large machine taking up space on your counter, the Ziploc V151 is the model for you.

If you own a Ziploc V151 or are in the market for one and have any questions or comments about this Ziploc V151 Vacuum Sealer review, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.


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